Comfort and Safety On the Go: A Detailed Review of the PETSFIT Soft Crate Series

Comfort and Safety On the Go: A Detailed Review of the PETSFIT Soft Crate Series

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Pets are indispensable companions in our lives, and their comfort and safety are crucial for their health and happiness. When it comes to choosing pet travel crates or living spaces, the Petsfit Soft Crate series is a highly acclaimed choice. With nearly 10 years of development history, PETSFIT has designed and developed multiple series of soft crate products based on customer and market demands. Here, we will provide you with a detailed introduction to the features and advantages of the PETSFIT Soft Crate series products.



Product Features: This series of products is special, it is specially designed for small pets with a portable soft crate, it’s suitable for animals weighing up to 18 pounds; The Internal cushion provides warmth and comfort, and is detachable for easy cleaning; Mesh door for ventilation, with stylish round holes on both sides to add fun for cats; Portable: Easy-to-fold product with zippers on both sides, convenient for pet owners to carry when traveling outdoors; Comfortable handle design for effortless portability.


Product Features:
This series features a unique arched door design and an exclusive compression rotary storage method, which sets it apart from other soft crates. It can be used as a comfortable indoor dog house during travel or at home. The crate is easy to position, with a convenient handle on the top for mobility. The zippered mesh door allows for easy opening and closing. It can be folded for convenient travel, and installation is easy without the need for tools. Three mesh windows on the sides provide excellent ventilation, and the machine-washable cushion is easy to clean.



Product Features: This series is our flagship soft crate product, featuring a rotary-in frame design that makes installation extremely simple while also enhancing product stability. Its versatility allows it to be used as a pet den at home, a secure dog crate for travel and car use, protecting your pet's health and providing them with an excellent exclusive space. The two doors and top entrance can be rolled up for easy access to the pet and its movements. The soft crate is lightweight, sturdy when unfolded, and can be folded to save space, making it convenient for outdoor use. It is easy to disassemble for simple cleaning, and the fabric cover can be removed for separate cleaning. It is not prone to bacterial growth with three mesh doors, one mesh window, and excellent ventilation.




Product Features:  This series of products are multifunctional, serving as a pet den at home and providing convenient travel and car use as a secure dog crate, protecting your pet's health and offering them an excellent exclusive space. The two-door openings can be rolled up and secured; the installation is easy with a steel ring structure design, requiring no tools and completing the installation in seconds. The soft crate is lightweight, sturdy, and foldable. It is easy to clean, and the cushion cover can be removed for separate washing. With four mesh windows, it offers excellent ventilation and is not prone to bacterial growth. It comes with a soft reversible cushion for both winter and summer, providing extra comfort for pets. It is easy to fold for convenient travel and suitable for use in the trunk or on the rear seat.



Product Features: This series of products features a trapezoidal design in structure with various color combinations to enhance its aesthetic appeal. It serves as a dog transport crate suitable for car travel and can also function as a sturdy and durable dog den, ideal for outdoor use. The simple design allows for easy assembly, folding, and storage, utilizing a screw-in metal frame and bottom non-slip pad design for added stability and safety. Equipped with a soft, washable cushion, it provides maximum comfort for pets. The product includes two large openings (top and side) and a large mesh for excellent ventilation and airflow.




Product Features: The Petsfit Pop-Up Dog Crate offers a spacious and versatile interior, measuring 15.5 x 27 x 22 inches, suitable for small to medium dogs and crate-trained cats. Its collapsible and lightweight design makes it portable and ideal for frequent travelers, without compromising on comfort. With 3 doors, including 2 mesh sides for good air movement and visibility, the crate ensures your pet feels secure and comfortable during travel. Safety features such as a self-lockable zipper head provide peace of mind, while setup and storage are hassle-free, with no assembly required and easy folding for storage in the included carrying case. The furry bottom cushion provides added comfort and is easily removable for cleaning, while the PVC-coated bottom resists leaks and moisture, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for your pet.

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