The following seven plants will poison your cat!

The following seven plants will poison your cat!

Many plants are poisonous to cats.

A cat called KIKI died of Renal Failure by eating tulip which was brought from his parents.

Thus Kiki’s parents regrets and blames herself because she does not know that tulips are poisonous to cats.

Therefore, cat owners must not bring the following seven plants back home. In order to prevent cats losing their lives.

1. Liliaceae

Liliaceae plants are deadly to cats.Some veterinarians and toxicologists believe that the Liliaceae plants is a major cause of acute renal failure in cats.Cats eating any part of the lily can cause kidney failure or death.

2. Rhododendron

For cats, the Rhododendron are poisonous. It will poison the cat but not let it die.


The leaves and stems of chrysanthemum are toxic to cats. After eating, the cat will vomit, diarrhea, and loss appetite.

4.Morning glory

After the cat eats the leaves and flowers of the morning glory, it make the cat to vomit and depression.


Hydrangea is less toxic, and cats may have stomach pain, vomiting, and weakness after eating their corolla.


Wisteria seeds and pods are poisonous. If the cat eats, it will vomit, diarrhea, dehydration and collapse.

7.Castor bean

A castor seed can make a cat die.

In the next post I will tell you what cat owners are suitable for at home.

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I hope this post will help you to feed the cat more scientifically.

Thanks for your reading.

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