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Keep It Clean and Comfy: Essential Care Tips for Your PETSFIT Pet Carrier Products

PETSFIT Pet Carrier Bag products are made of high-quality materials, to ensure that the products remain clean and in good condition, the following daily cleaning and maintenance steps are recommended: 

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Regular cleaning is a crucial step in keeping your kennel bag tidy and hygienic. You can gently wipe the surface of your kennel bag with a damp cloth, which helps to remove dust, dirt, and other debris, ensuring a clean and dust-free surface. You may also choose to use a mild detergent if the surface is dirty, but be sure to rinse thoroughly after cleaning to avoid residual detergent that may cause discomfort to your pet or the user, and make sure the product is completely dry to avoid moisture that can lead to bacterial growth.


Clean the interior of the kennel bag regularly by removing removable pads, cushion pillows, and other accessories for cleaning. Follow product instructions for hand or machine washing accessories and ensure they are completely dry before putting them back in the kennel.Hand washing is more recommended over here, if you choose to machine wash, please clean the inside of the product of your pet's hair to avoid the impact on your washing machine;

Note: Due to the structure of PETSFIT pads, please refer to the following pictures for step-by-step instructions before cleaning


3. Waterproof treatment:

Our PETSFIT bags are made of PVC and other waterproof fabrics. If necessary, treat the surface of the kennel bag with a waterproof spray or waterproof coating to increase the product's waterproof performance and avoid moisture in wet environments.

4. Regular Inspection:

Regularly check whether the zippers, buckles, and other parts of the kennel bag are normal to ensure they function properly and repair or replace damaged parts promptly.

At PETSFIT, we stand by our products with robust after-sales service. Within the warranty period, we offer free replacement of parts. Customers can also reach out to our online customer service at any time to report issues with parts for prompt resolution.

5. Avoid sun exposure:

In addition to regular outdoor use, it is important to prevent the pet carrier from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to avoid material aging and color fading.

Following the above cleaning and maintenance tips can prolong the lifespan of PETSFIT pet carriers, ensuring your pet enjoys a clean and comfortable travel experience at all times.

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