Why does a cat scratch its ears even if it doesn’t have ear mites?


A cat scratching its ears could also indicate other health conditions. It is possible that the cat is suffering from a fungal skin disease caused by fungi, leading to itching in the ears and symptoms such as hair loss, scaly patches, and dandruff.

Inflammation of the ears, such as otitis externa or otitis media, can also cause a cat to scratch its ears, as well as infections from external parasites or allergic dermatitis.

If the ears are dirty, cats may also scratch their ears. In such cases, it is recommended to use cat-specific ear cleaning solutions, which can be purchased at veterinary hospitals or pet stores, to clean the ears. It is also advisable for owners to regularly deworm their cats to prevent parasite infections.

Therefore, just because a cat doesn’t have ear mites doesn’t mean it won’t exhibit scratching symptoms. It is recommended to promptly take the cat to a veterinary hospital for examination and, once diagnosed, initiate timely treatment.





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