Juns cat

Juns cat

Its so lucky to be Juns cat!

If I can, I want to be a cat of juns.

On cat’s birthday, Juns is their private chef who cooks sushi for cat.

 Replace chicken with rice.

He will also chop the tuna and give it to the cat.

Cat can also watch him cooking all the way.

He is really very gentle.

When the weather is good, Juns will take cats go out for a walk.

Enjoy the sunshine.

Enjoy the view.

Enjoy nature.

Feeling that his cat are so happy!

This is his Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRxAgfYexGLlu1WHGIMUDqw

There should be a lot of people who already know him.

You can contact me if  you have any interesting story with your pet.

Email: chenby@zestrade.com

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