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Short leg dog shelti

Once I was on the road and saw a Scottish shepherd with a short leg.
Very cute, especially his short leg.
At that time, I thought that it would not be so short when it grew up.
After all, I have seen her long legs.

Is this really the case? Of course not!
It turns out that the long legs are Scottish looks and the short legs are shelti.

Through the comparison of this picture, I think you should be able to tell the differe-nce between them.
This makes me wonder if shelti is a descendant of the Scottish Shepherd and Corgi?
I recently found a super cute shelti when I watched Petsfti review.

Super sweet smile!
I love this picture. Because she looks happy when she stay in the wheel bag.

Her parent often takes her to travel. And bought her a wheel carrier for her.

In the summer, her parent will prepare a small fan for her.
If you want to buy the same wheel bag to your dog you can click this link:
This product Particularly suitable for short-legged pets and 2~3 cats.
If you love her as me. You can follow her.
This is her Instagram ID: bb_vengers.

You can contact me to share some of your funny pet story with me.
You can contact me if you want to get some free product to test.
Thank you for reading. See you next time.

Bevin Chen

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