Super hero in the earthquake

Super hero in the earthquake

At 22:55 pm on June 17th, an earthquake occurred in Yibin Sichuan China.

There are already 12 deaths and 125 injuries.

After the earthquake, the local government immediately launched rescue work.

Rescue dogs and humans participated in the rescue work.

It is well known that 24 hours after the earthquake is the best rescue time.

So work during this time is the hardest.

One dog name Dameng another dog name Baku. 

Their mother is a hero dog who participated in the Sichuan earthquake.

They lie on the ground after work.

After work, they took off their equipment and lay on the ground to rest.

During the rescue, t hey rescued three trapped people.

They are the guardians of mankind. They are sacrifice your own superhero!!

Every time I see this kind of news, I am especially worried about them.

But it's their job.

All I can do is respect them, pray for them, and be kind to all the dogs.

I hope that dogs can be treated well, even if some people don't like dogs.

Applaud these heroes again.

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