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Why does the parrot pull out the feathers?

Is humans losing hair and birds dropping feathers for the same reason?



Of course NO!  

Human hair loss is a scalp problem. But parrot drop feather problem related to the mood of the parrot.

If your parrot does not have skin disease after checking the body, but will still drop feathers. This means your parrot has depression!

Don't be too shocked! 

Let me tell you why.

Many people’s parrots are raised from a young age.

People spend a lot of time to feed he parrots and play with parrots.

After a long time, the parrot has  dependent on people. Even treating people as companions.

When humans rarely communicate with parrots, or are not accompanied by humans, or stay alone in one place for a long time. These behaviors will make the parrot feel lost and dissatisfied. In order to get the feeder's attention and love, they will pull out the feathers to protest. 

So raising a parrot really takes more energy and time to care for him than raising a dog.

Bird feeder should do the following four things every day to prevent bird depression.

1.Scientifically feeding food suitable for parrots.

2.Play with them more than one hour every day.

3.Flushing helps him bathe.

4.Let him sunbathe.

5.Take him out to the park for about 20~40 minutes.

At the same time, raising two parrots can also reduce his probability of suffering from depression.

I know that taking a parrot out is not a simple matter.

I recommend a bag that will help you take the parrot out.

You can take him out when you walk or ride a bike.

Bird loves freedom loves forest. It's bird's nature.

Bring the birds together to go out to enjoy the nature.

I hope this backpack can help you and your bird more happy.

Buy it:



If you have any question for bird or backpack. Please feel free to contact me.

Or if you have any good advice to help parrot cheer up please let me know.

My email is :

I will always wait for you.

Thanks for your reading.

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